Find #4
Swiss Hotel 
18 West Spain Street

Swiss Hotel looks like the Blue Wing Inn. Both have two stories with a balcony across the front. Both were built with mud and straw adobe bricks. Both were hotels during the Gold Rush.

It was part of the home of Mariano Vallejo’s younger brother, Salvador. Salvador’s compound stretched down Spain Street to 1st Street West. Swiss Hotel is all that’s left. It’s the oldest ongoing business in Sonoma. The same family has owned it for 5 generations, around 100 years. Ask someone who works there if you can look at the old photographs inside.

You have been walking down Spain Street. On Vallejo’s map, he named Spain Street for himself – Calle de Vallejo. 1st Street West was Calle Huerta, named for the garden behind Salvador’s home. 1st Street East was Calle Cuartel, named for the Barracks. Napa Street, on the other side of the Plaza, was also known as United States Street.