Sonoma Plaza History evokes our past through art and storytelling

Mike Acker’s “Portrait of the Sonoma Plaza” speaks with old maps, ghostly street scenes, and faces that tell stories. All eight panels will be on display at the 2022 Sonoma International Film Fest.

Let's explore the First Street West Panel

“First Street West,” pictured above intersecting with Spain Street, is one of eight panels in a series of artworks entitled “Portrait of the Sonoma Plaza.” We will explore some of the stories that inspired this incredible artwork. 

Sonoma's Early Chinese Residents

Hundreds of Chinese workers helped build Buena Vista Winery and planted many vineyards. Chinese citizens represented nearly 20% of Sonoma’s population before they were forced out by the Exclusion Act of 1882.

Camille Aguillon’s Winery

The building you know as El Dorado Kitchen and Hotel was Aguillon’s Winery 150 years ago.

Indians of California by Louis Choris (1822)

Hundreds of native men, women and children buried in unmarked graves are memorialized at Mission Solano. 

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You can learn more about these stories and many more explorations in our upcoming mobile history tour. 
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